TransAmerican Computer Consulting, LLC was launched in 2001 by the owner, John Lewis, to offer small business highly skilled and reliable personal service to maintain and develop their network systems.

John Lewis, a native of Douglas County, has studied and applied the complexities of network computing for well over twenty years. Unsatisfied by his pursuit of a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, John transitioned to the College of Computing and found a challenge in the world of computers.

Working part-time while finishing his degree, John started with home PC construction, troubleshooting and repair. His experiences qualified him to become the Information Systems Admin at a long running successful business, solely responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a 50 user network.

Good work is noticed and word traveled quickly throughout the small business community in Douglas County. John started assisting and maintaining other small businesses on the side. As demand for high quality IT increased the need for TransAmerican became apparent to John and it was time to set out on his own to start the business.

TACC has continued to grow and keep up-to-date with current technologies and services required for small businesses. Marc Thompson came on board in 2004 to help John out on the side and then became a full-time employee in 2005. Marc brought with him project management experience and a desire to have approachable communications with the client’s IT administrator, something that is hard to find with your standard ‘computer guy’. We now have numerous employees that share the same passion and experience that John built as a strong foundation for TACC. We strive to relate and understand your needs.

Our staff can deliver educated, fast, and reliable services to help any small business with their IT needs. Our combined experience is extremely vast. One of our long time employees said, “I've done this for so long and seen so much that I see network/application relationships easily.” From the banking industry, legal industry, service industry, to Special Ops Communications in the military. We’ve just about seen it all and better still we have vision for the future of where IT is headed for small businesses. Excellent deductive reasoning skills are among a wide range of tools we employ to both troubleshoot and maintain system health.

TACC has two secure data centers, maintains and consults for over 400 clients throughout Georgia, and is continuing to grow and expand our range of services. We welcome new clients. We are usually able to arrive on site within 24 hours and are on call 24/7.
Do you offer network administration from an on-site or a remote location?

  1. Do you offer network administration from an on-site or a remote location?
    • Yes. We can offer network administration from both on-site visits and remote access.
  2. Do you install new networks?
    • Yes. We provide services from installing the necessary cabling to implementing Windows, Mac, and Linux based LANs and WANs.
  3. Do you require a contract for your services?
    • No. We provide hourly, prepaid time block, and contractual services.